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It's becoming increasingly important for brands and companies to write content in order to appeal to the search engines.

The difference between having topically relevant content or not can make or break your ability to rank highly in a search engine's results page.

With our content writing service, you don't just get ordinary content, you optimised, descriptive, unique and understandable content that works around your target keywords to bring in the right type of visitor to your site.

Content Writing Service for SEO

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How Can A Content Writing Service Benefit You?

As well as having its advantages for linking in with the use of keywords and other parts of your SEO campaign, content writing is statistically much more useful than any other marketing strategy.

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising, which means three times more potential profits.

Content marketing also drives higher conversions. With six times the power of traditional marketing for converting people into leads and leads into customers.

Through the use of target keywords which are identified in the keyword research phase, effective content will attract lots of organic traffic to your site.

Content Writing For SEO

Content marketing is a technique of producing and circulating accurate, relevant content to attract the audience with the objective of driving more traffic. Creating new strong and relevant content continually will ensure your business reaches the top of search engines and stays there. Strong content provides in-depth information as compared to basic short content. That is the reason why content writing is so critical. It is the fuel for the fire that is your business. Moreover it establishes a relationship with your audience and will keep them returning to your products or services.

With our writing service, you can rest assured that all SEO guidelines are carefully followed and resulting content is of a high quality and search engine friendly.

Search engine optimisation has become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years and methods that used to work are not as effective anymore. The optimisation of websites for the purpose of ranking on search engines such as Google now requires much more meticuluous planning and follow through. An SEO consultant now needs understand a range of competencies such as semantic search, the technical aspects of optimisation for speed and how to analyse backlink data.

SEO Content Writing

Satisfying Searcher Intent

Search engines are no longer fooled by keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO techniques. Modern search functions are geared toward searcher intent. At Search Authority we have content writers trained in the latest SEO practices and we incorporate marketing techniques adapted to increase your online presence and cater to your audience.

Quantity-over-quality copywriting is no longer an effective method either. Modern search engines feature complex algorithms built to separate relevant, valuable online marketing from web content utilising outdated SEO practices.

Your brand requires high-quality web content crafted with search engine optimization in mind. If you delegate your tasks to our writing team you not only save time, but you get articles that resonate with target audiences and rank on search engine results pages.

Content Writing

What Is The Content Writing Process?

Our SEO content writing services are designed to make life easier for you. Many other companies offering such services have a long, drawn out process and can be quite pricey. With us the process is simple and reaps results, and at a reasonable cost which is even more useful to businesses on a budget. The only thing you need to do is sit back and let us handle the hard work as we will identify keywords in the keyword planning process.

Once the keywords are planned out and we collectively decide on the number of words, layout etc., our writing team do the necessary research and put their expertise to use. All that is required after that is your approval, then it's straight up on your site, ready to be indexed by the search engines.

So if you think you could benefit from a stress free service that provides creative, high quality content for your website then don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated writers are ready to create captivating, SEO friendly content that will give your site authority and most importantly bring in your target audience and turn them into transacting customers.

Content Writing Service

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At Search Authority, we offer a range of SEO services, suited to businesses of all sizes and with differing budgets. Our processes are transparent, informative and tailored to your exact requirements.

Whether you need a one off, objective piece of advice from an expert or a focused, structured plan from an SEO consultant, we can put together a strategy that works for you. We'll also help you fulfil your stategy with the range of SEO services that we offer.

Our SEO team are fully immersed in search engine optimisation all day, every day and our knowledge of this domain spans years of delivering best practice SEO. We are a leader in our field and are well placed to ensure that you stay a leader in yours too.

If you’re looking for SEO content writing services and would like to find out more about how Search Authority can help you, simply fill in our contact form and one of our consultants will be in touch.

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