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Our Backlinks Service is an important cog in the process of ranking your site at number 1 on Google for your chosen keywords.

Backlinks are created when one website links to another website. The quality and quantity of a site's backlink profile has a lot of influence on a site's search engine visibility.

Our link building service provides your website with authoratitive backlinks from sites in your niche. We build only high quality backlinks that are long lasting in their effect on traffic and rankings.

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How Will Link Building Benefit My Site?

Our link building services are expertly delivered by a team of talented SEO experts who will provide your business with quality backlinks to your site. Links to your site from quality sites are beneficial for a number of reasons:

Getting links on authority sites is a great way to have some rub off on yours. Not only is the link viewed as a vote of confidence by search engines, but users find it much more trustworthy too.

Links don’t only lead to search engine traffic. A well-placed link on an authority site can direct an abundance of referral traffic too. Never underestimate the value of a well placed backlink.

Your brand name and keywords are used within your content which in turn gains your brand visibility online. As it is used on relevant sites, more of your target customers will be exposed to your site.

The Power of High Quality Links

As Google's algorithms and ranking factors are ever-changing and so are SEO strategies. There was a time when any link bolstered a sites ability to rank but the whole landscape of backlinking has changed over the years. Effective link building no longer means building unlimited links; it means getting genuine links from reliable, popular and high authority websites. Contextual links assist internet users moving from one page to another. But for SEO-optimizers, they have additional value, because they are one of the key factors in the ranking of sites in search engines. It works on the principle of recommendations.

We may not know the full algorithm that Google uses to determine its search results—that's the company's "secret sauce", but studies have shown there is a correlation between the use of backlinks and organic search engine rankings. In fact Google named it as one of the top three ranking factors.

Search engine optimisation has become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years and methods that used to work are not as effective anymore. The optimisation of websites for the purpose of ranking on search engines such as Google now requires much more meticuluous planning and follow through. An SEO consultant now needs understand a range of competencies such as semantic search, the technical aspects of optimisation for speed and how to analyse backlink data.

Backlink Service

Our Link Building Process

Our goal is to help you earn your place in Google, which is why we develop insightful, quality content that is applicable to your brand and keywords. Once we have done this, the backlinks and the content are then posted on guest sites and high authority domains to lead users with intent for your product or services to your site.

SEO-friendly anchor text that is succinct and relevant to the target page is also used as it is beneficial for users and search engines.

We understand the best way to deliver a quality link building service is by building relationships, not just links. That’s why you can trust you will receive relevant links from authoritative sites in your niche with our SEO link building strategy.

Very often when you buy link packages from other services, the links end up on poor quality sites. The reason for this is that the person selling you the link has no vested interest in the success of your site. At Search Authority, we work in partnership with you to ensure the success of your site.

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A Backlink Service You Can Trust

Through our white hat link building strategies you can be rest assured that your site will only gain traction and you won't be slapped with any penalties by Google. Our methods involve using only the most ethical techniques. You can buy cheap backlinks online but it is also frowned upon by Google and so by opting for our service you are not only benefiting yourself but you are avoiding poor practices that can have a detrimental effect on your business and bank.

It is surprising how many SEO agencies will offer you a poor link building service. Your business' success will depend on a quality link building campaign. Our skilled link builders will do their utmost to maximise your website’s visibility, build your social recognition and perhaps most important get your site on page one of Google and keep it there, which is the long term goal.

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At Search Authority, we offer a range of SEO services, suited to businesses of all sizes and with differing budgets. Our processes are transparent, informative and tailored to your exact requirements.

Whether you need a one off, objective piece of advice from an expert or a focused, structured plan from an SEO consultant, we can put together a strategy that works for you. We'll also help you gain a deeper understanding of how to deliver a successful digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO team are fully immersed in search engine optimisation all day, every day and our knowledge of this domain spans years of delivering best practice SEO. We are a leader in our field and are well placed to ensure that you stay a leader in yours too.

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