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SEO Services

Search Authority provide SEO services for clients across the UK and internationally.

If you need help growing your traffic and conversions through organic search then we can help.

Unlike Paid Media, SEO can’t be bought... But it can be earned — and we’ll earn it for you!

With our SEO services we'll ensure that you have everything that your site needs to get to position 1 for your chosen search terms.

We combine technical expertise, optimised content and authoritative backlinks to position you at the top of the organic search results.

And we will keep you there too.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

We provide the following search engine optimisation services for our clients:

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO services nearly always start with telephone or face to face consultancy. With this assistance, we can provide you with bespoke advice on how best to achieve your organic search objectives. Understanding your business and who your target customers are is am important part of our solution. Once we have an understanding of this, we'll work with you to determine what your specific needs are and how we can go about addressing them.

Our SEO consultancy service may be for you if you already have an existing site and just need some advice on how to best optimise your website. It may be relevant to you if you want an external opinion on an inhouse strategy. Additionally, it may also be pertinent to undertake SEO consultancy prior to building a new site so that optimisation considerations are embedded into your design and build strategy. ^

SEO Audit

In simple terms, an SEO audit is a healthcheck of your website and is performed purely for marketing purposes. It helps you to overhaul your website and mend any elements that need assistance.

As part of our search engine optimisation service, an SEO audit shines a light on the following aspects of your website:

It's important to do an SEO audit at least once a year so you can uncover and fix any potential problems that have crept it. As websites constantly change with new content, an SEO audit should be done regularly to ensure nothing is stopping you ranking on the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Our SEO audit service ensures that the foundations of your site are correct. When this has been done, you're ready to look at the other aspects of optimising your site for the search engines. ^

Keyword Research

Before you create your website’s content, you have to find out which search terms your audience use.

Our keyword research service helps you discover words and phrases that people use in search engines to find your products or services.

The goal here is to discover keywords with large search volumes and low keyword difficulty.

These keywords then feed into the overall search engine optimisation strategy for your website.

When you've determined your target keywords, you can build pages and content around them. So that you can rank highly on Google for your focus keywords and phrases. ^

Content Analysis

Have you ever looked at your competitor's site and wondered how they got to the top of Google for their chosen search terms?

Many people do!

A large part of the answer to this question is content.

By analysing the content of your competitors, we can provide you with a content roadmap for your website.

Our content analysis service helps you overtake your competitors.

You can either use this roadmap yourself to craft your own content (after all no-one knows your business as well as you do!)

Or we can produce the required content for you. ^

Content Production

The goal of our content production service is to create great content that fulfils two main goals:

  1. It ranks well on Google.
  2. It persuades people to buy your product or service.

We have many years experience creating content for both search engines and people.

To provide this service, we draw on a team of creative and technical writers who can provide optimised content in a variety of languages.

All of the content that we will produce for you will be long form with the correct keyword density and latent semantic indexing.

This will guarantee that Google will love it! ^

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis service will help determine how you stack up against the competition.

It will point out what's working well for competitors and what they're doing that you're not.

Our experienced team will also help you determine how difficult it will be to beat the competition and come up with a strategy to do just that.

We'll determine keyword weaknesses along with link profile strengths and weaknesses.

The completed analysis will greatly assist you in beating your competition in the Google rankings. ^

Local SEO

Our local SEO services focus on promoting products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re searching for them

This particular SEO service is a must if you're targetting a local audience.

For example, "plumber lincolnshire".

We’ve developed unique local SEO services that are designed specifically to take full advantage of local Google search enquires.

With 86% ofcustomers using search engines to discover local businesses, this isn't an area you want to miss out on. ^

Website Migration

If you have decided to migrate your site, its important to consider the effect that the migration will have on your website rankings in the search engines.

Whether you're migrating from one Wordpress theme to another, from Shopify to Magento or you're moving from http to https, our website migration service will manage the whole move for you.

Using our extensive experience, we'll ensure that everything goes to plan and that you retain or improve your position after the migration is complete.

Website migration is a complex and challenging process and can affect your SEO if not managed carefully.

Don't take any chances.

Get in touch with us to ensure that everything goes to plan. ^

Penalty Removal

Google penalises sites that it believes have broken its webmaster guidelines.

Therefore, if you've seen a drop in your website's rankings, then it may be due to a Google penalty.

As Google tightens its guidelines in an attempt to eliminate Web spam, more and more websites are getting slapped with manual actions and penalties.

Even large sites such as the BBC and Firefox have been hit with penalties in the past.

Our SEO service team can help you make a swift recovery from a Google penalty to restore your lost rankings and traffic.

Whether the penalty is automatic (caused by an algorithmn update) or manual (caused by bad backlinks or spam) then our experienced team will get you back up and running as soon as possible.^


High-quality backlinks to your site can help to increase your ranking position and visibility in search engine results.

Backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content.

Our backlink service provides high quality backlinks to your site from trusted, high authority sites around the Internet.

Our experienced team reach out to partner sites, authority sites in your industry, bloggers and the like to earn backlinks for your site.

Our results speak for themselves.

As well as boosting your search results, these backlinks will also help bring direct traffic to your website and help establish your brand online.^

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as all the work necessary to produce a high volume of referral hits from search engines.

SEO services involve internal and external website analysis, including link building, proper website architecture and development, competitor analysis, keyword research, content development, link building and many other tasks.

SEO is partly about building appropriate content and partly about getting people to link to you.

Depending on the situation, SEO may involve both the IT and marketing departments in a business.

In a small business, just one (or very few) individuals will be doing everything.

Other times, companies will hire a specialist SEO agency or search engine optimizer to help them with their SEO needs and to achieve results.

What are the Benefits of SEO Services?

About three-quarters of all Internet users looking for a product or service begin their quest at a search engine.

Further, a site with a solid, comprehensive search strategy might derive anywhere from 50-80 percent of its web traffic from organic search.

Consequently, optimising your site for the search engines makes a lot of business sense.

Often, search engine optimisation (SEO) comes as an afterthought, and not everyone is always fully aware of its long-term benefits.

SEO is about as close to free as you can get.

It takes work, and work costs money, particularly if you hire a digital marketing consultant for your business.

But you won’t have any advertising bills coming in.

SEO work brings long-term value.

If you operate your website for profit, SEO can be an important tool in making your website popular.

How is SEO Different to SEM?

Both SEO and SEM are often used terms in digital marketing.

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to the utilization of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as through Google AdWords.

Although some elements are common to both SEO and SEM, PPC advertising is much easier to implement and can achieve immediate results, usually in the form of getting visitors to see your website in a matter of minutes.

Those involved with online marketing will often ignore (or confuse) SEO in favor of (PPC) SEM, but by doing so they are ignoring great opportunities.