Competitor Analysis

Do you know what your competitors are doing online? More to the point, do you know what your business should be doing to stay ahead of the competition?

If not, then our competitor analysis service will help you measure yourself against the competition, identify the gaps in your marketing strategy and determine your current standing in the market.

Armed with this marketing data and competitive intelligence, you can plan for the future and overtake your competitors in the search rankings.

Competitor Analysis Service for SEO

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Why Use a Competitor Analysis Service?

All businesses can benefit from understanding their place in the competitive landscape. At Search Authority, we analyse key components of your competitor's sites, compare these to your own and then provide detailed insight into where you are beating your competitors, where you are being beaten, and how you can boost your organic ranking on search engine results page. Our competitive research includes the following:

Identifying the strategies, tactics, and channels that are bringing in new customers for your competitors.

Discovering opportunities to differentiate your brand from the others and to outperform your competitors.

Setting new benchmarks against your competitors by comparing your own SEO performance to theirs.

Why Does Our Competitor's Website Rank Above Ours?

We get asked this a lot by new customers. Search engines can’t necessarily see how your business looks in the real world; they can only judge you based on what they can see online. And that's what we focus our analysis on.

The answer to the question is in the competitive analysis that we'll carry out for you. It could be one of many things that is helping them to rank higher than you:

  • The authority of their domain may be a lot higher than yours.
  • Their backlink profile may be a lot more developed than yours.
  • Their content may outperform yours.
  • The technical optimisation of their site may be more polished than your own.

Our SEO competitive analysis includes identifying the keywords, researching the links, content marketing efforts, and search tactics used by your competitors. We'll use this competitive intelligence to pinpoint the best practices that they're using and plan SEO strategies for you to overtake them in the Google rankings.

Competitive Analysis

The Importance of Competitor Analysis Services for SEO

The end objective of competitive analysis is to stop your prospective customers choosing to go to your competitor's site instead of yours. You don’t want to lose a prospective client looking for your website because you rank lower on the search engine results page.

Researching competitors is extremely important from an SEO perspective. Finding out what your competitors are doing and how effectively they're doing it can have a massive impact on your keyword selection and plan of attack.

During our analysis, we'll determine the most lucrative keywords that your competitors are ranking for. We can then use this information to inform your strategy.

Customer Analysis

Competitor Analysis Deliverables

When we take a look at your competitors, we'll make sure to provide everything you need to make strategic decisions for your business online.

Once you understand what your competitors are doing, you’ll be able to do it better. Our report will explain in detail:

  • What keywords your competitors are targeting.
  • Their search engine optimisation strategy.
  • Why they’re ranking as well as they are in the search engines.
  • Where they’re getting their backlinks from.
  • What you should be doing NOW to improve your site, your rankings, and your customer engagement.

From our findings, you'll be able to uncover brand new ideas for your own site, so you can improve and surpass your competition.

SEO Competitive Analysis

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