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We're a content marketing agency who can help you reach your audience online. We do this by producing highly readable content for both humans and search engines.

Stand out from the competition and reap the rewards with an expertly planned content marketing strategy that is focused on getting you ranking on Google.

What is Content Marketing?

So, what is Content Marketing? Content marketing consists of a series of steps, including digital marketing strategy, keyword research, content writing, publishing, and marketing the created content. So it is basically your entire marketing strategy based around what content you are publishing on social media and other sites.

Your content marketing strategy is the process of defining WHO you're targeting, WHAT they need, HOW you're going to give it to them and WHERE you should be advertising. Our writers and content creators are the best in the business with deep industry experience, extensive content capabilities, and a relentless commitment to quality.

What Can Content Marketing Do For Your Business?

Content marketing is essential to a digital marketing agency, and is essential for long-term success. If you haven’t invested in the pieces that you produce yet, it’s time that you do so. Here we'll explain just a few of the benefits that Content Marketing has to offer you:

Customer Retention

Retaining your customers as well as bringing them in, is an essential part of your business if you are to gain desirable success. If your content is designed for user intent, that will result in positive user experience and spark the interest of prospective clients to make them come back for your products or service. Which in turn increases brand awareness.

Social Media Traction

Keep in mind that only through valuable content can you capture the attention of your target audience on these platforms. Take advantage of social media and share your pieces that will bring value to your consumers. When you have appealing write-ups, traction follows suit.

Increase Authority

If you want to make it online, you need your target audience to see you as an expert or an authority in your niche. As you know people tend to trust brands that convey an air of power or expertise. Our top content strategy will shape your authority and expertise in your industry, which will make more people trust you and result in higher search volumes.

Quality Website Traffic

There's no use in lots of traffic if it isn't good traffic. Great content marketing agencies will ensure your content output is of the highest quality to the audience that matters the most to you. If you are unsure of who this might be, we will help you identify your marketing personas and audience before we plan out your digital strategy.

What It Means To Us

Our friendly staff at Search Authority work to obtain the best possible results that provide long-term value, using the latest approaches and technology combined with individual talents. We are genuinely passionate about what we do and aim to build a lasting relationship with all of our clients for SEO and digital marketing services.

Creativity, research, search intent and ROI are the sorts of values that should be central to your content creation strategy. We believe that if you’re going to make an investment in it, it has to be measured. If we think your company is the right fit for content marketing work, you can trust that we’ll strive to place insightful metrics against the work we create to measure success.

For our agency, content marketing is part and parcel of what we do. We are devoted to providing top SEO and are maticulous with all aspects of it. Content marketing is a big part of that. Providing you with the means to communicate everything from your company values to your expertise, it represents an evolution in communicative marketing; providing the platform for storytelling in the digital age.

Our Process

We research your company site and your competitors website, and there will be plenty of engagement with you so we understand who you are, what you need, how we can provide it, and what will make you stand out among your competitors. We find this is the most important part of the content strategy as it lays out the ground work for your campaign. Here we'll identify keywords and set out objectives.

Then we get to creating content for you, whether it be in the form of a blog or an article for your site. Content creation and blogger outreach are another key part of the process. Our team creates compelling content that engages audiences and gets your site ranking high on the search engine. This is another example of how content marketing and SEO come hand in hand too, as these processes result in high-quality backlinks.

Blogger outreach and social media marketing strategies attract top-of-funnel visitors with blog posts created by our in-house team of writers, only using methods that we find most advantageous to your to your company. Because we are a content marketing agency we focus on perfecting all aspects of content as opposed to say email marketing, which is more out-bound and designed for existing customers. Our goal is to attract new customers with intent for your services.

Not Just Any Content Marketing Agency

We do a lot more than just content marketing. We are a full service digital and SEO agency with experience in all aspects of search engine optimisation. Whatever your business ambitions are, we can work with you to develop a social media marketing and creative content strategy designed to get your brand’s name out there. Your product has an untapped audience, it's our job to help bring them to you.

Our strategies are bespoke, designed for development and to strengthen trust with current and potential customers, raise awareness of your brand and establish you as an expert in your field, setting the groundwork for long-term business relationships.

If you want to see results, don't just use any marketing content agency, get in touch with our one of our experts to find out more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing

Will content marketing help MY business?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “content is king”? It's cliche but true. Though content marketing used to just be a way to set yourself apart from your competitors, it is now a necessity for any modern brand to see growth. So for any small business or start-up, it is a great cost-effective digital marketing strategy. With the RIGHT content marketing agency your business can excel.

How often will results be reported?

We provide bespoke monthly performance audits that include all the metrics that are important to you. We'll explain all the data and performance metrics and the work we’ve been doing. We may also request extra information to ensure we track the wider impact of the project, combining all the data so we can demonstrate the real impact our work is having.

When will I see the results of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. If a content marketing agency guarantees you great results fast, don't buy it. Chances are they'll be using strategies that do more harm than good. While you’re likely to see more social shares and new leads within the first couple of months of implementing your campaign, your ultimate goals should be long-term. Since your content can provide value for many years to come, consider it an asset that you’ll be able to use to build loyalty.