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Our intent focused, Keyword Research Service is one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy.

Determining the correct keywords for your site's SEO campaign is the backbone of gaining organic traffic for your website and is easily one of the most important SEO factors.

The difference between a website that gets vast amounts of organic searches and one that gets zero is in the keywords that are used in the content. Let us help you find these keywords.

Keyword Research Service

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Why Use a Keyword Research Service?

Keyword research services can be advantageous for literally every business in the modern age of digital marketing. By the use of cutting edge keyword research tools, our skills and your industry knowledge, we can come up with the best keywords to help your business in the following ways:

Rank high in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to your site, determine a popular and profitable niche and find related markets.

Help you understand the motivation behind online searches leading up to a sale, so your company can prepare for this.

You’ll be able to focus on developing your SEO and ensure that your web content is optimized to get higher search engine rankings.

Are you Targeting the Right Keywords?

Obviously we all want to be ranking for the highest searched keywords which are relevant to our industry. Through our experience though, you also need to concentrate on your long tail keywords. These can often lead to traffic to your site through phrases that you would not have necessarily thought of. Whether you are looking at national, local or international SEO, finding the best opportunities is critical and can mean the difference between failure or success.

Focusing on long-tail keywords is another great SEO strategy as they get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, because of their specificity and low search volume. Through this technique you will gradually get more traffic and be found by new audiences with the search intent to purchase your product or services.

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Questions to ask prior to Keyword Research

When you plan to optimise your website, you want to ask yourself a couple of questions first regarding keywords such as:

  • Are my keywords targeting what people are searching for?
  • Will the user find my website when they use a particular keyword?
  • What is the intent of the user when they type in these keywords?

It is an imperative part of the keyword research process to evaluate these before going through with your SEO plan because every company will have its internal vocabulary, which often doesn’t match the vocabulary of its audience. Therefore, you should always select your keywords from your audience’s perspective.

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What Our Keyword Research Service Covers

Our approach to keyword research starts with understanding your business and your website. Then we take a look at your competitors’ sites, identify what they're ranking for and which keywords are bringing them the most business.With some key pages and content mapped out, we then perform long tail keyword research to find those lengthy terms that people are searching for.

We deliver a complete report of analysis that we have done, and then discuss this with you to determine the correct keywords for your business.

It’s your primary need to optimise your website with the most searched and most appropriate keywords. With our professional team, we can help you to find out those keywords which will drive traffic to your website.

Researching the correct keywords

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At Search Authority, we offer a range of Search Engine Optimisation services, suited to businesses of all sizes and with differing budgets. Our processes are transparent, informative and tailored to your exact requirements.

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