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SEO consultancy helps you rise to the top of the Google rankings using best practice organic search engine optimization tactics.

Done correctly, SEO consulting is a really worthwhile investment as it puts the correct strategies in place to take a website from a virtual unknown to a position one ranking on Google.

More and more businesses like yours are realising the importance of being found on Google and are turning to specialist digital marketing consultants like ourselves to help them navigate through the digital minefield that is website optimisation.

SEO Consultancy

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Reasons to use SEO Consultancy services

SEO consultancy services provide advice and guidance on how to best optimise your site for maximum exposure on Google. We offer SEO strategies, guidance and advice for a variety of reasons:

You may be building a new site and want to embed best practices principles into the web design and build of the site to help attract prospective customers.

You may want an external opinion by one of our SEO consultants to check over your proposed website strategy rather than relying on an in-house online marketing team.

You may have engaged with a different SEO agency (or digital marketing agency) and need a fresh start for your business after poor SEO results from their SEO team.

Is Your Current SEO Strategy Working?

Search engine optimisation has become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years and methods that used to work are not as effective anymore. The optimisation of websites for the purpose of ranking on search engines such as Google now requires much more meticuluous planning and follow through. An experienced SEO consultant now needs understand a range of competencies such as semantic search, the technical aspects of optimisation for speed and how to analyse backlink data in order to put together an effective SEO strategy.

SEO experts also need to be able to understand your online competitors on the search results page: what is working for them and what content and link building gaps can be exploited. As the world moves online to shop, research and socialise, the websites that are optimised the best can be found easier and will generate the most revenue.

Luckily we have a team of talented digital marketing specialists and SEO experts working for us to provide SEO consultant services for you. Our SEO agency can work closely with your business to understand and improve your website and its performance: from algorithm changes and SEO tools, to traffic sources and CTR, and to bounce rate and conversion rate. From this in-depth knowledge we can put together a bespoke online marketing plan and content marketing strategy that works for your business, bringing you increased brand awareness, vastly improved search results and a great ROI.

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When Should We Get Started?

You may be asking, when should I start to optimise my website and when should I hire an SEO consultant? When should I start my organic search investment? The answer is as soon as you can!

When a site is designed and developed with SEO factors in mind then it will have a lot better chance of ranking on Google in our experience. Adding SEO to your site as an afterthought does work but its not the best way of going about things. The process of SEO on already published websites can be limited by the architecture of the website, the structure of its templates, the content management system used and the server configuration.

The advantages of hiring the services of an SEO consultant during the development stage of your website are:

  • Your site will search engine friendly and be listed on the search engines straight away.
  • The URLs of your webpages will be relevant and user-friendly.
  • The structure of the website will be built around the needs of your customers.
  • The architecture of your website will benefit its ranking in search engines.
Search engine Consultancy

Deliverables for our SEO Consultancy services

Our SEO consultancy services will vary depending on your requirements. We offer SEO consultancy services on a project or a retainer basis. Our SEO agency will discuss with you your business requirements and then deliver what is necessary to meet your business needs, whether this is to boost your conversion rate or to amplify your online presence.

Examples of these deliverables include:

  • An onsite, video or telephone consultation with yourself and/or your team.
  • A full and detailed technical SEO audit of your current website by an experienced search engine optimisation consultant.
  • Keyword research and analysis to determine the best keywords and phrases to target for your organisation.
  • Marketing analysis of your competitors by our SEO consultants to determine their best ranking keywords and backlink profile.
  • Content analysis to understand what your content needs to look like to rank for your target keywords on your SEO campaign.
  • Advice and guidance from our SEO consultants on promoting products and services to nearby customers with local SEO.
  • Ensuring that everything goes to plan and that you retain or improve your position after a site migration.
  • Help and assistance with off site optimisation, blogger outreach and link building.
  • Steps on how to structure your web design when you're targetting an international audience.
  • Helping you make a swift recovery from a Google penalty to restore your lost rankings and traffic by an SEO expert.
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Industries That We've Consulted With

We have provided successful SEO strategy advice and digital marketing services for various business and organisations throughout the UK and Europe, from small/medium businesses and startups, to enterprises and non-profit organisations. Whether you are an e-commerce store, informational blog, news portal, or a comparison website, an SEO consultant will provide you with technical and marketing advice to help you reach your goals. Our track record of search results speaks for itself.

Our SEO consulting services experience covers but not limited to the following niches:

  • Informational technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Legal & Finance Industries
  • Real Estate
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Retail & eCommerce
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About Search Authority

As one of the UK's leading SEO agencies, we offer a range of SEO consultancy services, suited to businesses of all sizes and with differing budgets. Our processes are transparent, informative and tailored to your exact requirements.

Whether you need a one off, objective piece of advice from an expert, a technical SEO audit, help with on site SEO or local SEO, or a focused, structured plan from an SEO consultant, we can put together a strategy that works for you. We'll also help you gain a deeper understanding of how to deliver a successful digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO team are fully immersed in website optimisation all day, every day and our knowledge of this domain spans years of delivering best practice SEO. Our SEO consultancy services are reknown as being the best in our field and are well placed to ensure that you stay a leader in yours too.

If you’re looking for SEO consultancy services and would like to find out more about how Search Authority can help fulfil your marketing efforts, simply get in touch and one of our consultants will be in touch.

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