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Bridlington If you're looking for SEO Bridlington could have the answer. You don't need to look to the big cities - you can do it locally. We're an SEO agency working in Bridlington, Hull, Beverley and the surrounding areas to help push your webpages up the Google search results. We have been providing search engine optimisation services to businesses in Bridlington, and the surrounding East Yorkshire area, for many years; in fact we have specialised in SEO for nearly 20 years and have a lot of experience in this very fast moving area of online marketing.

We help small to medium businesses get their website ranking on the first page on Google.

This drives more qualified traffic to your website which translates into paying customers. This is where some SEO Bridlington agencies miss the point, all they focus on is ranking for a specific keyword only. We focus on driving qualified leads to your website. So if you're interested in getting more converting customers to your website then we'd like to work with you to help build your business.

SEO Bridlington Services

Our process involves:

  • Correctly structuring your website and webpages so that they are indexed in the most efficient manner by Google.
  • Writing SEO friendly copy to provide valuable content for the user and, more importantly, to attract visitors to your website via Google.
  • Creating backlinks to your website for the best quality high performance search engine optimisation.
Because we don't have staff to pay or business premises to upkeep, our prices are affordable and well worth your investment. We're so sure of this that we offer a money back SEO guarantee. If you don’t see your website on the first page of Google after 3 months then we won’t charge for our SEO services.

Focus on Search Engine marketing

Sometimes its difficult for a non SEO Bridlington marketing agency to provide effective search engine optimisation services because its not their sole focus. They provide many other aspects of marketing such as branding, PR, web design, web development, ecommerce, social media marketing as well as SEO. We don't do this. We focus on search engine optimisation only.

Apart from our fees, there is relatively little cost or work involved from your side. You don't need to pay for online advertising or spend hours feeding social networks. We ensure that your website is SEO ready, write relevant copy to get you noticed and then create backlinks to promote your business in your niche. All of this is tracked and visible to you to monitor.

Local search for Bridlington

We also provide a local SEO service that is designed to for you to dominate your local competition in Bridlington on the first page of Google. We will drive more customers to your website that will convert to transacting customers. Our national SEO service covers the whole country and generates new leads, sales and customers for your business. So why not choose us as your SEO agency and let us help you take your business to the next level? We'll increase your visitor traffic and convert more customers - providing you with a fantastic return on your investment.

More information about Bridlington

Bridlington is a Yorkshire coastal town in the north of England, about 24 miles north of Hull. It can be found on the Holderness Coast of the north sea, between Hornsea and Scarborough, near where the promontory known as Flamborough Head juts out into the North Sea. The sheltered spot below the promontory has become known as Bridlington Bay.

A small river called the Gypsey Race runs through the town into the sea by Bridlington harbour. The harbour is a working harbour and is well known for its shellfish. The town is a popular tourist destination during the summer months and is easily accessible via the national bus and rail network.

The history of Bridlington

The first mentions of Bridlington are in 1072 when the Manor of Bridlington was confiscated by William the Conqueror, Bridlington has had a few name changes since Norman times, including RetlintonBerlingtonBrellington and Britlington. 

The present town of Bridlington was once two separate towns that have now grown together. The original Bridlington was about a mile from the sea, and this part is now referred to as the Old Town. Bridlington Quay was the name of the port area.

Things to do in Bridlington

Apart from the obvious golden sands and holiday pursuits on the sea front, Bridlington has all manner of things to do:
  • Bridlington Leisure Centre: The £25 million state of the art leisure centre at the heart of Bridlington's seafront re-opened in 2016 and offers lots of family fun next to the sea.
  • Sewerby Hall:  2 miles north of the seaside resort of Bridlington, is this wonderful grade I listed country house. The hall is set in 50 acres of landscaped gardens in a cliff top location on the outskirts of Sewerby village.
  • Bridlington Spa: This venue is the East Yorkshire's finest entertainment venue, attracting visitors from throughout the UK.
  • Land train: The land train runs along the sea front from Bridlington's south bay all the way to nearby Sewerby.
  • Boat trips: Enjoy boat trips from the old harbour, along the shoreline up to Bempton bird sanctuary.

Interesting facts about Bridlington

Bridlington has a rich history and a thriving present. Here are some interesting facts about the town that you may not know:
  • Bridlington was inhabited in the Bronze Age and in Roman times, but the first written evidence of Bridlington comes from the Domesday Book.
  • Goods have been exported from Bridlington since mediaeval times, although the harbour took its current shape in 1848.
  • The distinguished painter David Hockney has a home in Bridlington.
  • The Groynes at Bridlington are wooden defences that run out to sea and protect the sandy beaches from adverse weather.
  • Neighbouring resorts include Flamborough, Hornsea and Withernsea with the RSPB bird watching site at Bempton Cliff just to the north.

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