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Consistently brilliant results and a long list of happy clients are ongoing proof that we are the leading SEO agency serving Birmingham and the surrounding West Midlands area.

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Why Choose Us As Your Birmingham SEO Agency?

Do you want to rank your Birmingham company on page one of Google and other search engines for your chosen search terms?

Search Authority have a proven track record ranking West Midlands companies from all manner of industries at the top of Google, locally and nationally, for profitable search terms.

We will help you grow your traffic and conversions through organic search and make a positive difference to your Birmingham business.

SEO Birmingham

Birmingham SEO Services

SEO is an essential growth channel for any West Midlands business that wants to reach an online audience.
At Search Authority, we use the following SEO services to help you succeed online:

SEO Strategy

Whether your potential customer is international, UK based or from the Birmingham area, we will tailor an SEO strategy thats right for your business.

SEO Audit

Our technical team will help extract any ranking constraints giving us a solid foundation for your web site to rank.

Keyword Research

Here we blend our keyword analysis expertise with your industry familiarity to select the most lucrative target keywords.

Content Analysis

Your content will be appraised and we will decide what has to be improved in order to rise up the Google rankings.

Content Creation

We will aid you in the formation of new content to capture the interest of both your target audience and the search engines.

Link Building

Valuable links are crucial for achieving top organic rankings. We will help your site earn the proper backlinks in a sustainable way.

Start earning more qualified search traffic from Google to your website today with our search engine optimisation services.

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SEO That Hits Your Target Audience

The number one position on Google drives more qualified traffic, which in turn converts into paying customers.

At Search Authority, we have a team of SEO experts who will work closely with you to help develop your online presence and improve lead generation.

So, when you choose Search Authority for SEO in Birmingham, we’ll not only improve your SEO, but we’ll also help take your business to the next level.

Birmingham SEO Agency

Choose us as your Birmingham SEO company and we will:

Strategic, targeted Google traffic can drive spectacular results for businesses in Birmingham. We will optimise your online business to become visible in more relevant Google results. More website visitors will find your company and check out everything you have to offer. It’s the most effective way to reach people looking for businesses like yours.

Targeted visitors arrive at your website for a distinct reason and this improves your likelihood of converting them into leads or customers. By helping you choose the most appropriate keywords that exhibit commercial focus and optimising your website for these keywords, we will help grow your conversions and decrease your customer acquisition costs.

Number one on the search engine result pages receive the vast majority of impressions and clicks. Therefore, ranking in these number one positions on Google can result in fundamental traffic increases for your website.

As the dominant Birmingham SEO agency, we are perfectly placed to position you at the top spot on Google. We have a great standing across West Midlands for increasing relevant organic search traffic volumes and yield appreciable conversion rates. Why not let us do the same for your business?

The return on marketing investment of your search engine optimisation campaign can be readily determined. It is the revenue generated by SEO traffic minus the overall oncosts of your optimisation efforts. To put it another way, the money you make minus our fees.

As the traffic that comes from search engines is completely targetted you can be sure that the customers that come through search engines to your optimised pages are converting customers and will drive up income for you.

Also, as we have some of the lowest fees of any major SEO company (and some of the best results!), you can be sure that the return on your marketing investment will be high if you choose us as your SEO agency.

People say that if you can measure something, you can improve it. Therefore measuring the results of our SEO efforts and the ongoing refinement of them is fundamental to your search marketing.

At Search Authority, like any other good Birmingham SEO agency, we measure an array of metrics to assure the success of your online marketing campaign. These include:

  • Rank tracking
  • Domain authority
  • Number of backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Engagement metrics
  • Conversion rates

Like any other promotional online activity, the optimisation of your site and the success of this is easily trackable and Search Authority provide you with the tools to track and measure your results in real time.

At Search Authority, our SEO services are tailor made to fit your needs with the focus on improving your web site visibility, which will correspondingly increase your bottom line.

As a top West Midlands SEO agency, we will provide you with customised solutions for your internet marketing needs including search engine optimisation services, powerful content strategies, and technical consulting and execution.

By increasing qualified traffic to your website, we will help you to nurture a loyal audience and ramp up conversions.

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Increased revenue from SEO

When your target audience searches online, do you show up?

Do your competitors?

Google has over 200 ranking factors.

These factors determine where your site will show in the Google results.

They incorporate factors regarding domains, pages, sites, keywords, backlinks, user interaction, brand signals and spam.

Working with an experienced and skilled, expert SEO company, who understand these factors, makes the whole undertaking of ranking at position one nimbler and sustainable.

They will ensure your web site ascends the Google results page and, more importantly, stays there. Your site will have increased brand awareness and trust.

This successively brings in highly qualified traffic to your website much faster and builds you more earnings.

So, what does a good Birmingham SEO Agency look like?

Search Engine Optimisation Company

An SEO company that knows Google's 200 ranking factors by heart will:

  • Analyse and advise on what changes need to be made to your web site to get it to rank.
  • Assist you in targetting the most relevant keywords to bring in qualified leads.
  • Build content that ranks and converts on Google.
  • Work with authority sites to build links.
  • Boost your domain authority so that your web site becomes established in your industry.
  • Give you an excellent return on your marketing investment.

Examples of Customer Growth

Our customers have asked that we do not give out their details but have agreed to share their data anonymously. Here are some charts from their reporting data to show their growth curves since we took over as their digital marketing partner.

UK Healthcare Organisation

Since this UK Healthcare organisation took us on as their digital marketing partner, we have boosted their organic visitors fourfold.

SEO Company Customer Ranking

This has led to their return on marketing investment soaring to 500% over the last 12 months.

UK Fashion Brand

Our SEO specialists worked with this UK fashion brand to lift their targetted traffic by 200% in 6 months.

SEO Agency Customer Ranking

They continue to achieve position 1 in Google rankings for many competitive search phrases.

UK Technology Business

The daily visitors to this site were pretty flat until we became their search engine optimisation partner in December 2019.

Satisfied Customer

They are now ranking in position 1 on Google for over 30 different search terms.

As a leading UK SEO Agency, we have helped businesses of all sizes start and grow their website businesses; including entrepreneurs and large companies, in the UK and across Europe, even in the most competitive of industries including technology, fashion, healthcare and gaming.

Feedback from our Customers

We love what we do, and we want you to love the accountability, customer service, and knowledge around your business goals that we provide as your trusted SEO company.

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation, our philosophy is to be open, innovative, educated, and perform exceptional work. We are more than your SEO company – we are your digital marketing partner - and who better to confirm that than customers that we have worked with over the years.

Satisfied SEO Customer
Rakesh Chablani
Head of Product Betfred

SEO Agency Customer
Carolyn Anderson
Marketing Director, LG Electronics

SEO Company Feedback
Dave Wilson
Marketing Manager, Williams Coaches

SEO Agency Testimonial
Harry Johnson
Owner, UK Property Portal

SEO Client
Paul McDonald
General Manager, McConechies

SEO Agency Satisfied Customer
Penny Bates
Small Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated some of the most asked questions about SEO into a handy, jargon busting FAQ to help answer common queries about search engine optimisation as well as our own SEO services.

General Questions about Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the process of getting free traffic from the organic search results on Google. The idea is that the higher ranked the website is and the more often it appears in the search results, the more likely a visitor is to click on it to visit. The benefits of this are free, passive traffic to your website, month after month.

To clarify, with the help of an SEO agency, your site will attract an audience through Google who are interested in the products or services that you offer as they have conducted a search for it and know exactly what they want.

Google ranks sites based on three key principles: Trust, Authority and Relevance.

  • Trust: Google wants to keep poor-quality, untrustworthy sites out of the search results, and keep high-quality, legitimate sites at the top.
  • Authority: This is your sites overall strength in your market and is almost a numbers game, based on backlinks and visitor numbers.
  • Relevance: Google looks at the contextual relevance of a site and rewards relevant sites with higher rankings. This levels the playing field a bit, and might explain why a niche site or local business can often rank higher than a Wikipedia article.

On-page SEO is the process of ensuring that your site is readable to search engines. It involves making sure your site content is visible to search engines and that Google picks up the keywords that you want. It involves making sure that the technical elements of your site are correct in addition to the content on your pages reflecting your desired keywords.

Unlike on page SEO where you have full control of the content, off-page SEO depends on another web page to improve your sites rankings on Google. Off-page (or off-site) optimisation primarily involves building links back to your site. This can be done organically (by producing fabulous content that people want to link back to) or by reaching out to high authority agency SEO sites and asking them to put a link back to you on your site.

Due to the nature of the internet, webpages come and go so this is an ongoing process and really depends on obtaining new links that Google and the other search engines deem to be important. Done correctly, link building increases the traffic to your site and its position in Google.

Every now and then, Google releases a significant update to their algorithm, which can have a massive impact on businesses from any industry. We have a number of tried and trusted channels which keep us informed of these updates and what their focus is. This allows our award winning agency London team to react accordingly and take any measures necessary to keep you ranking in that top spot.

Firstly, if you rank your site highly for the wrong keywords, you can end up spending lots of time and effort, only to discover the keywords you have targeted in your SEO campaigns do not receive any organic traffic. Secondly, if you have not investigated the competitiveness of your keywords, you can end up investing lots of time and effort into a particular keyword, only to find it is far too competitive to rank, even on the first page.

Google are increasingly giving advantages to websites providing a good experience for users on all devices. Usability has increased importance in search engine optimisation and you can gain an advantage simply by making your website easy to use. We are one of the few SEO agencies that has a heavy focus on usability for SEO.

Links are the currency of the world wide web. Each time a page links to another, it is a vote for the value of the page being linked to. Backlinks effectively pass authority from one website to another. If a page provides massive value to Internet users, it stands to reason it will be linked to from other websites. This is why links are such a strong factor in Googles algorithm.

Questions about our SEO Service

This can be anything from 1 month to 6 months depending on a number of different factors. For example, if you want to rank for your own brand and you have an established website then it can take just a few weeks if there is limited competition. However, if you have a new domain with unoptimised content, no backlinks and you are competing for a high volume, high difficulty keyword or phrase then it can take 6 months.

Our SEO agency usually sees an increase in organic rankings in the first 2-3 months. This is after changes identified in the SEO audit have been made, content has been optimised and backlinks have been created and indexed by Google. If your website has been penalised due to poor link building tactics or negative SEO then it can take longer to see movement in search results.

It is important to appreciate that SEO is a long term investment; albeit an investment that will reduce your reliance on advertising in the years to come.

Our SEO agency starts by running a technical audit on your site. Here any issues that may affect your rankings are identified and fixed. We then work with you to identify the keywords you want to rank for. Content is then built to beat the competition for these keywords and optimised accordingly. Finally we build up your sites ranking through the construction of high authority backlinks. Daily and monthly reports are then monitored by the SEO agency staff to ensure you that stay in the number one position for your selected terms.

The cost of our SEO service depends on how much time and effort it will take to reach your goals. Factors that affect the price include the age of your domain, the competitiveness of your niche, the type of site (e-commerce, service, etc) and the number of keywords that you are targetting. Our SEO agency has packages that range from £500 upwards per month.

All of our clients receive real time ranking reports showing the progress of our SEO activities for your target keywords. This suffices for many of our customers as they already have analytics and reporting packages in place for other metrics. If you need further reporting then this can be put in place by our marketing experts.

For example, some customers receive a detailed report at the end of every month, which shows their progress in the search engine rankings. This comprehensive report includes the following:

  • The SEO health of your site
  • Your Backlink profile
  • Organic Positions
  • Organic Keywords that you are ranking for
  • Ranking Visibility
  • Ranking Insights
  • Ranking Progress
We will also provide them with a summary of the work that’s been carried out and what work we are going to do in the forthcoming month. This is usually followed up by an email or phone call to discuss the findings.

Bear in mind that these additional reporting services are at an additional cost.

After we have completed the SEO audit, there will be changes to make to your website. We will give you a comprehensive list of things that need to be changed. Depending on your preference, we can make these changes for you or either you or your web developer/designer can. If you would like us to make the changes to your site then we would need access to your content management system (e.g. WordPress).

No. We do ask you to commit to your campaign for three months however we do not tie you into a contract. With SEO, improvements do not happen immediately and it can take Google weeks to crawl, index and rank the relevant content and links. If the project is larger in scope, we would ask for a commitment of 6 months but again this does not involve a contract.

We have never asked clients to enter into contracts with us as we believe that the return on the marketing investment into our SEO services pays for itself many times over.

Like most internet service providers, we ask for payment upfront for the majority of our services.

Organic SEO Specialists

Our team have been promoting clients in the search engines for over 20 years now and have the technical and marketing know how to take you to position 1 on Google.

Working with our SEO agency means generating many more qualified leads and multiplying your return on investment. We are an extension of your team and we take that very seriously.

Our results are achieved through a fourfold process: ensuring your site is fully optimised, careful keyword targetting, the creation of high-quality content and high-quality link building. All of these elements combine to boost your website up the Google rankings.

Our tried and tested methods will not only get your site ranking well in the search engine results pages but will help it stay there.

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